TitanSTOR Dock Boxes



TitanSTOR Poly dock boxes are literally the toughest dock boxes in the industry. All Titan dock boxes come with a CRACK-PROOF GUARANTEE.

  • No more cracked boxes.
    • No warping or twisting.
    • Virtually indestructible.
    • No flimsy thickness.
    • No shipping issues.
    • No “spider web” cracking.
    • No weak spots.
    • Oblivious to abuse.
    • More storage space than competing boxes!

Eco-Friendly? TitanSTOR offers the advantages of poly which is an incredibly tough plastic.  Poly is also able to be reground and and turned back into another new, reusable product.  Not only that, the manufacturing process does not emit any harmful chemicals.

Large Roto-Molded Dock Boxes
Dimensions: 86”L x 27”H x 24”Ddock-2
Largest Roto-Molded Dock Box in the Industry
• 35-15000-L-WW – White w/ Locking Set
• 35-15000-L-BW – White w/ Blue Lid w/ Locking Set
• 35-15000-L-TT – Tan w/ Locking Set
• 35-15000-L-SA1 – White w/ Locking Set and 8-Rod Holder

dock-3Medium Roto-Molded Dock Boxes
Dimensions: 72”L x 27”H x 24”D
• 35-15004-L-WW – White w/ Locking Set
• 35-15004-L-BW – White w/ Blue Lid w/ Locking Set
• 35-15004-L-TT – Tan w/ Locking Set

Small Roto-Molded Dock Boxes
Dimensions: 48”L x 27”H x 24”D
• 35-15005-L-WW – White w/ Locking Set
• 35-15005-L-BW – White w/ Blue Lid w/ Locking Set
• 35-15005-L-TT – Tan w/ Locking Set

Titan store dock boxes are constructed of (roto-molded)
(polyethylene) which is far more durable than
fiberglass dock boxes. Titan STOR is not
thin-walled “plastic” often found with
manufacturers who do not meet marine-grade requirements.

color-optionThese dock boxes offer the
industry’s only crack-proof guarantee. Here are a list of just a few of the advantages:

• Guaranteed not to crack – even when shipped.
• A certified 100% Eco-Friendly product.
• UV-protected meeting marine-grade requirements.
• Consistency in thickness. No soft spots.
• Less costly, yet lasts longer than fiberglass!

Titan STOR by OMC





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