Lake Michigan Lake Front Storage Solutions

So you bought that perfect lakefront cottage, may I say congratulations?  Let me point something out to you.  You have more friends now, and while that may or may not be good there’s one thing for sure.  When friends come over they don’t come over to work, no they are strategically there relax and vegetate off of your hosting.  I won’t digress but, just in case you don’t believe me let me dive in a little deeper.  When do the friends show up, I ask you, when? You’ve invited them to come to the lake, they said yes before you even asked and now they are “on their way.”  Do they show up in time to help you start the boat? In time to find the gear? In time to load the gear? They are so sorry they are late!  You have everything loaded?  Boat running?  All they have to do is jump in and WA-LA let’s hit the high surf? …That’s not a mistake my friend, your friends are waiting for you to do all the work so they can partake only in the play.

Want to level the playing field? Put a dock box right at the end of your pier.  When they show up late leave a note on the box and tell them you are already on the water, and they are too late.  Tell them since you already put the gear into your boat the box is empty so they might as well get into the box, close the lid and think about what they have done.

Buy a dock box my friend, its the only way to store inside stuff outside your home:

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